Blacked Out

by Gets Worse



released December 30, 2016

Recorded by Tom Dring @ Vagrant, August 2016

Artwork by Tomisthebastard

Guitars / Vox : Tom
Drums / Vox : Rich
Bass / Vox : Paul
Guitars / Vox : Benj



all rights reserved


Gets Worse Leeds, UK

GxWx - Leeds PxVx

10/6 Worcester
17/6 Manchester
3/9 Manchester


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Track Name: Black Hole
A momentary setback
A winding diversion
A fork in the road
You head towards the clearing
Or run head first
into another black hole

Another black hole

Just walk to the edge and jump back down
Spend your life jumping hurdles
but it's never enough
You'll always fall down.
At least that's something to count on
A comforting predictability
until we're put in the ground

ALL - Set. Up. To. Lose.
You. Are. So. Screwed.

Objective - Bullshit
Systematic - Bullshit
Robotic - Bullshit
Annoying - Bullshit

Aching jaw, trembling knees
Self inflicted lobotomy
Don't count on help no more
No help for you no more
Stress ear
Pressure builds
Intense fear
Exploding skull
Track Name: Struggle
A thousand times worse than anything
Today is a no from me
Abysmal abyss, deplorable shit
Did you really think the world could be better than this?

Always falling behind
and there's never enough time
Endless fucking deadlines
Constant tax on my mind
Acid boiling inside
Needles stabbed in my spine
A poison thorn in my side
Can't halt the decline

Slowly, surely, it's all boring

Mistakes, standard.
Doomed to repeat.

Flapping around but going nowhere
Urged on by courage, born of despair
A slacker through and through, born to lose
Sinking with every step, going nowhere fast
Trapped in the void, it's a perfect day
Do nothing at all
Spandex Ballet
Withholding your conscience, withholding the truth
Poet, philosopher, failure
Happy new year, asshole.