Gets Worse // Endless Swarm

by Gets Worse



7" Vinyl coming soon on Mindripper Records


released October 3, 2016

Recorded by Tom Dring @ Vagrant, August 2016

Artwork by Graham

Guitars / Vox : Tom
Drums / Vox : Rich
Bass / Vox : Paul
Guitars / Vox : Benj



all rights reserved


Gets Worse Leeds, UK

GxWx - Leeds PxVx


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Track Name: Get in the Bin
Drowning in an endless swarm
Shit gets worse
Choking, dying, forever cursed
Crashing down on me
Pumped full of chemicals
To make my symptoms less repugnant
Just because you can't deal
With reminders of reality
This is my life now
Crushed beneath the weight
Wait in line
Dot the I's
Herd the sheep
Cross the T's
Wordless disconnected
Get fucked over
You're pathetic
Track Name: Bottom Feeder
Down or down and out?
Everyday you're fucking lying
Taking what you can from who you can, it's not surprising
Shit talking shit
You betrayed the ones who trusted!
I'm surprised you lasted this long and it's not all combusted.
I'm sorry I couldn't brain for a second
I thought I was right but that's life
Nothing but hate
Without irony
With no hint of sarcasm
Lacking any modicum of humour
You can fuck right off
Talk about a tragedy
Of a man who wouldn't listen
Track Name: Pastry Violence
Extreme Rage
You ate my croissant
That chocolatey goodness has gone forever
An honest mistake?
My daily intake
Croissant cruelty
A criminal mind
A thief in the night
Stealing my calories
At breakfast time
Made a grown man cry
You digested my dreams
You ruined my life
Croissant stealer for life
Track Name: Full Nobleman
Entitled silver spoon asshole
I bet you own a fucking tweed jacket
Shooting clay pigeons
Self righteous prick
I hope you choke on your cream tea
Privileged mamas boy
Croquet playing piece of shit
You're a loser amongst legends
Noble Man
Top hat
Top chap