The Blues

by Gets Worse



released November 13, 2015

Recorded by Tom Dring @ Vagrant

Artwork by Tomisthebastard

Guitars / Vox : Tom
Drums / Vox : Rich
Bass / Vox : Benj


all rights reserved



Gets Worse Leeds, UK

GxWx - Leeds
5/10 Grindcore Family Fest Copenhagen
10/10 Leeds
11/10 Manchester
12/10 London

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Track Name: Trap Elvis
I'm one crap Elvis from the top
Vegas years, twot or not?
Sands of time washed out to sea
Took a left off reject street
Sheila's out of chips and luck
The King's away for a royal flush
A septic tank of greatest hits

Too many cards and not enough time
Show me yours, I'll show you mine

All life's hopes gambled
Running jokes jumbled
Makes me choke
Thinning quiff
Track Name: Splashback
I'm a fucking sponge
Full of sorrow
Soaking up each bad thought
Absorbing woes
Sucking up sadness
Soaking up misery
Floating by
On each day

Full of poison more than anything
Probably find I'm better off dead
Track Name: Wolf Spit
Cover my head and embrace the dark
Dirty mattress pulled straight from the park
Kings of dirt and Queens of mud
If I am fire you, you are wood.

Stark and cold
Damp walls of mould

Hospitality or hospital fatality?
Cramped and gutted
Welcome to reality
Nutrition served stale and old
A pinch of hope in a rotten bowl.

Wake up asshole cold and wet
Pissing on those you've just met
Barefoot lurking in the dark
realise that our time was stark.
Track Name: Fuck's Bizz
It makes me choke
It makes me sick

Falling foul of a wretched smell

Bullshits fired straight from the quiver
Views like garbage fall on deaf ears
Mother nature kicks your ass
It's a bullshit avalanche
Track Name: Berk Jerker
Occupied lips berk
Bedroom bloodbath, sheets burnt
Wallpaper change due
Didn't think we knew

Slow down
You'll land yourself in a fight son
Knocked out
Spraying blood on the concrete
Face down
With your teeth on the floor
Grit mouth

Berk jerker
Lipsing berk
Berk jerker
Occupied berk
Berk jerker
Lipsing hard
Berk Jerker
Jerking a berk

Lipsing berk like its something
Wrecking rooms like it nothing
Burn that mattress in a bottomless pit
Bet you're feeling bad in your bottomless shit.
Track Name: Rejection Park
A bleary eyed long weekender
Political agenda excuse for a bender
Chug hellish mixture to kill braincells
Stomach cramps and kidneys swell

You never know
That you won't
And you won't
Until you don't

Comments not made to cause offence
Booze induced complete nonsense

Weakened, somber, brains a mess
increased heart rate, what a mess
Self induced to exist
Push myself to breaking point
Track Name: Empty Your Pockets
Gonna get wreckhead
Gonna get dickhead

A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush
Empty your pockets cuz you fucking suck!

Red sky at night
Empty your pockets
Red sky at morning
Empty your pockets
A problem shared
Empty your pockets
A problem twice
Empty your pockets
Track Name: Banged Down
Originality zero
Assholes at every turn

Sheep dressed as goats
Killing time with wolves

No-one gives a fuck about you
Diets, fads and false views

Like weeds blowing in the wind
You bend but never moving
You're not a diamond in the rough
But you're a dime a dozen bruv

Champagne lifestyle
Lemonade income
Track Name: Cause for Regret
Wake up room swirls run fast
Knocked out face first floor crash
Morning disgrace shame lasts
Insides ruined low cash

Guess I've no cause to whine
It's not like it'll be the last time
Complete disregard for my health
Brought it on myself

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