Year of the Bastard

by Gets Worse



Recorded January 2013 by Tom Dring at Vagrant Recordings.

Art by Tom is the Bastard.


released January 30, 2013

Tom - Guitars / Vox
Rich - Drums / Vox
Benj - Bass / Vox


all rights reserved



Gets Worse Leeds, UK

GxWx - Leeds
5/10 Grindcore Family Fest Copenhagen
10/10 Leeds
11/10 Manchester
12/10 London

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Track Name: No Resolve
Shut your eyes
Try forget
All the lies
Bullshit spreads
I can't forgive
and I won't forget
Back stabbing fucks
Hard to trust
Crossed the line
Empty promise
Waste of time
I've had enough
Time to switch off
I'm fuckin bored
Of all of you cunts
Track Name: Daily Fail
Over inflated
Self important
Winds me up
To bursting point
PR approved views
On what's good for you
Opinionated cunts
Don't have a fuckin clue
Endless clones
Media whitewash
Headline stealing
Tabloid brainwash
Track Name: Tunnel of Goat!
Kill yourself now
Dragged out sorrow
End in a fucking
Endless nothing
Nothing is all
There is so
You can have
All of this
Bland boring bastard
hides behind activism
Always full of contradiction
can't take any criticism
Don't bother barking
Up this tree
Cuz none of your opinions
Interest me.

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