Yellow Belly

by Gets Worse



released May 20, 2015

Recorded by Tom Dring @ Vagrant

Artwork by Tomisthebastard

Bass / Vox : Benj
Drums / Vox : Rich
Guitars / Vox : Tom

Gang Vox by Gets Worse & Horsebastard (Trippy, Pete & Reese)


all rights reserved



Gets Worse Leeds, UK

GxWx - Leeds
5/10 Grindcore Family Fest Copenhagen
10/10 Leeds
11/10 Manchester
12/10 London

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Track Name: Premium Buckner
Eye on the prize
Head in the game
Wrong decision
Full blown shame
Split second error
Reckless behaviour
A constant reminder
Of a life of failure

You'll curse your life and luck
Fortune, fate although...
It's not just you who hates yourself
So does everyone you know.


Bill couldn't even catch a disease
A whole career went straight through the knees

Poor You
Fuck you

You can change your name, country, town
But there's just some things you'll never live down

Poor you
Fuck you
Track Name: Curveball
The chips are down
You're a lost cause
Biting the ground
Scraping around
Blood on your face
Falling down
Crawling around
Broken glass
Such a disgrace
Your life sucks
Your life is a waste

My life is a joke
good laughs all round
Happy to help
Turn that smirk to a frown

Choke it down
Comes back up
On my feet
Do I feel?
Do I care?

No-one cares it's time you knew
Type cast in my own fucking bullshit
Track Name: Cut Loose
Lying to your face
Has become second nature
Caught in endless webs
I'm fucking glad it's over

No will, no point
Give up
Denial, dispair
Sinking, Drowning
What mends will break

The world is a disgusting place

What have happened?
Where is my name?
Where did I go?
What is your face?
When is my arms?
Bing is my chong
Wib is my wob

What's raised will fall
What you have you'll lose
Beneath the dirt
Crushed by the earth
I don't feel, I don't care

Constant strain
Instant Rage

Words of poison
Venomous tongue
Ask myself what have I become?
Track Name: Space Boys 3
The law of averages says
In a crowd full of people
You'll always be outnumbered
Ten to one by arseholes
Put up with those odds
Push above your weight
Short man syndrome
You power tripping fuck
Fuck you dickhead

Drunk on power the size of a shot
Drink it down you lightweight fuck
Fuck that shit
Abuse to win
Shits gone bad
Shit eating grin

Ahead of yourself but still way behind
Perish the thoughts that cloud my mind
Can't see through the dust and the dirt
And the fog of bullshit you call words

Teaching all you know
It's like stepping on dogshit under snow
Track Name: Trashboat
Turned up to the show and stay to the last
Spent hours and your image to ignore all the fast

Desperate to make the cut

Just stay outside and pose you prick
Supporting yourself in a scene full of dicks
Track Name: Chancer
You're the solution to a problem long gone
You're no inspiration
You're just plain wrong
What a chancer
Spare me the lesson
Spare me the pitch
Spare me your presence
It makes me sick
Fuckin chancer
You'll amount to fuck

Take your ability to be such an assehole
And go and through yourself off some shit
Tough luck asshole
Set yourself to destroy
Everything you've ever known
Tough luck asshole
Track Name: Schrompher Rise
Schromphs revenge
No-one left to tell
Fists of rage
It's a living hell
Streets of pain

Schromphs knocked down
iron bar strong-hold
Knocked out flat
Wire coil, street role
Hi-vis twat
Schrompher rise, head of bone

Bicep grudge
Tricep punch
Neck brace future
Abdominal crunch

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