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released February 11, 2019

Benj - Guitar // Vox
Paul - Bass // Vox
Rich - Drums // Vox
Tom - Guitar // Vox

Gang Vox - Tom, Rich, Paul, Benj and Tom Dring.

Recorded by Tom Dring @ Vagrant, November 2018

Artwork & Layout by TOMISTHEBASTARD


all rights reserved



Gets Worse Leeds, UK

GxWx - Leeds
5/10 Grindcore Family Fest Copenhagen
10/10 Leeds
11/10 Manchester
12/10 London

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Track Name: Empty Tank
Rats caught in traps
Restricted, confined
A state of decay
Lack of substance
Lifeless, alive
Lasting wounds cripple me
Life it drags, pain is real
Dials are broke, brain is mush
Empty tank, nothing left
Lobbing baps, starting scraps
Fucking clowns everywhere
Anger grows, hope it shows
Music loud, windows up
Empty eyes, don't talk to me
Time is wasted
Shutting off, breaking down
On empty roads, there’s no hope
My infinitely broken mind
Watching and restless
Take that shit with pain filled frown
Missing every turn
Plant that seed of raging doubt
Dodging laps, missing haps
Track Name: Attendance Report
Comply or die
Didn't see me at your gig
Better call in the scene pigs
You're taking tabs of who does what
I never gave you a single thought
Some of us are here to stay
Others barely last a day
Last in, first out, cast off, no fucks
A pit of vipers
You failed the test
Spitting poison
You're a fucking mess
Forked tongues get crucified
Sent home for being a cunt
Get your timesheet stamped
Hours accrued in no account
Blinded by the cool kid vibe
Here to see the same bands live
Track Name: Hamster Food
Captain of the cool kids
The third Chuckle brother
Catch up with old friends
Forgot you’re a bellend
Kids are cruel
Shut up and eat your gruel
What's in your bag?
Somewhere there's a rodent sad
To me - To you
Our friendship is through
Track Name: Awkwardly Close
Old fuck creeping from back to front
Slithering and sneaking on the hunt
Leering and letching, acting the cunt
Acting in ways that you shouldn't
Move away
Thoughts to yourself
Dull and morose
Awkwardly close
Prance dancer
Pants chancer
Airspace shared
Contracting a dose
Awkwardly close
Track Name: Dernard vs Drenrad
I'm sick of the sights I see before me
Like the smell of shit but in my eyes
I try to block it out, it's impossible
Overwhelmed with what I despise
Life taking hold
Live fast, look old
Shit tarnished gold
A strong eye for blindness
A nose that doesn't belong
A taste for trouble
A hand you put to nothing
All the senses clogged with dirt
Failing bodies, falling down
Spineless bastard, you’re all nuts
An endless battle for pointless gains
On a daily basis I feel the shame
Track Name: Crushed
I came up short
A lesson was taught
A matter of course
My voice is hoarse
Kicked in the balls
Hatred with force
Pointy stilettos
Equal falsettos
Baritone to choir boy
Barry White to Barry Gibb
Bad news comes with a sarcastic soz
Twice the neg, zero poz
Pissing out nonsense, contact is made
Moment of silence, punishment dealt
Blinded, I can't see straight no more
Blurring lines, my eyes are failing me
Stumbling, my legs are weakening
What has become of me
I cannot breathe for shit
Take me away from this
Crawling away slowly
It's an atrocity
I can't be part of this
Scrotum swelling
Over-ripe swinging plums
Sac bleeding
Crushed spirit, broken dreams
Stomach aching
Hope snapped like a twig
Shameful pleading
I feel really sick
Face is flushing like a prick
Feeling like a total dick
Headache forming
Barely even able to thrust
Pride broken
Grinded into fucking dust
Track Name: El Belcho
Brutal apathy
Short changed your nan
Left her for dead.
Fuck you, shit coat!
‘Ere do you know who I was?
I was the cock of Swoggy, me
They call me Bezza
'Cos I’ll land one on ya fast as fuck
So don't get hard, ya fucking dickhead
You fucking scranhead wi' yer shit coat
Sad cunt, bleak life!
Raiding your auntie's medicine drawer
Doing sheds to cover your rent
Crutches out, fake note blags
Baggies cost an arm and a leg
Teeth like a burnt out fence
Face like an October cabbage
Eau de Urinal Cake and Evo
There's no hope for dog-eared scrotes
Track Name: Panic Shredder
Pages torn in two
You resemble a folded photograph
A million pixels folded and refolded
It's only fit for the bottom of a birdcage
Unmarred by smoke and blood and mud and vomit
Paper mache personality
Tipp-ex integrity
Tracing paper patience
Let's assume that you’re folded beyond recovery
Kemped into oblivion
Snapped like twig
Folded like kemp
When life takes a swing
You’re out on the bench
A lot of these shredders are maybe not as secure as you thought
Maybe you should get a better shredder if you want (Pay)
These really and truly never to be assembled (Gone)
Track Name: Carlton Negged
Dig deep in your pockets, digging in deep
Short changed by the man on the street
Hand over the packet, give me the goods
So I can have a smoke in the woods
Under privileged, you have no choice
Beggars not choosers in a world full of losers
Measure your happiness by the misery of others
But they're not tabbing Carlton negged
Vivacious try, but life is tough
At every instance, the game is fucked
There’ll be no comeback, it’s always fixed
Too apathetic to give a shit
Protocol frustrations
Strangled by red tape
Power is delusion
Progress is an illusion
Life is cruel
Life is cheap
Every day my life is bleak
Falling into a whirlpool of shit
Existing in a world I don’t fit
Take account for everyone
and watch you like a hawk
No freedom here.
You should just die
Indolent redemption
Put that bullet through my head
Parasite sucking me dry
Serotonin depletion
Zero refunds
I’ve waded the swamps of exaggeration
Topped the hills of shit talk
When I go to court the judge stands up
I come to your house, you’re the guest
The taste of defeat
Empty pockets
Except for reds
Carlton negged
Track Name: Neck Vein
Eyes like rotten milk
Loser loser
Take to fill the void
A thousand times the loser
Repeat offender
Always losing
Again and again
Crushed by defeat
Long bleak streets
Peeling fences
Broken walls
Trash all over
Roaming hell holes
Battered paths
Feel numb and lost in my hometown
Cracked pavements shattered
You can't rebuild a ruin
Can never get a false start
Never find a fucking way to win
I live on Bicep Village
Just round Hardman's Bend
Four right hooks up Chinned Lane
How many six packs are in your bag?
Broken pride, hopeless fuck
Your whole life is so fucked
Just give up, there's no point
Each day you're running out of time
A waste of time and space
There’s no turning back
Lines once crossed long gone
Is there much point at all?
All you had is gone
Ruined it all yourself
Neck Vein
Track Name: Fun Borrower
Borrow tomorrow's fun
More joy for today
Today's high interest
is tomorrow's painful debt
It's only a game, son
It's a frame up
You're buried alive
Choking, drowning
in masquerades of shit
Put up a fight
The tepid parade
of a little prick
It's your cue
Bravado drink hard
Gone to your head
Think you know it
Victory in sight
Wrong end of stick
Bowl full of sick
Track Name: Shwoe Is Me
Kind of a cat-and-mouse game
Keeping one step ahead
Polish that turd all you want
It’s still a fucking turd
Dress that shark as a baby
It’ll still bite off your arm
You’re reaching for the stars
but never made it past your fat head
Pass us those weights
I'll be your inspiration
I'm gonna curl one out
Yeah I'm shitting my pants
Defying time and space
With your lack of grace
You’re not relative
Track Name: Redundant
Brought up in a horrible scum filled shithole
Terrorised by local wastes of space
Scared to walk round nearby shops - Dickheads
Thank fuck that it all got smashed down - Gone
Good riddance to bad rubbish
The cesspool of my youth
I only broke the law once.
It’s still not been fixed
Dirty blood flows through the veins of the street
Living in the age of offence
Out on a limb
Silence can be the best defence
Tearing up pride
Blastbeats in a shopping centre
Blood from a stone
Faded memories I barely remember
Hung out to dry
‘Ere pal, watch your back, son
Ya mam knows what's the crack
Little scrote, don’t get cheeky
I’ll give ya dad a slap
The fiction's probably more interesting than the facts
Who needs facts now anyway?
Track Name: Kool Brewster
Wake up
Cold Bench Hotel
Breakfast not included
Sunrise, it burns my face
Surprised my life’s a waste?
Walking the talk
You walk like shit, Brewster
I can’t stand it
You look like shit, Brewster
You’re not cool
Admit defeat, Brewster
Last in line
Foolish prick, Brewster
Ungrateful punter
Never said goodbye
Track Name: 20 Gigaherpz
Monotonous imposter
Sensationally dull
Is that the time?
Fuck Bill Poster
Victim of aggressive memes
I really must dash
Fucking poser
Big shot
Boldly taking his chances
Has been known to gawk
Groping hands of grime
No longer in his prime
Silently watching
Skin like a prune
Stealing your gnocchi
Stop your leering
Chatting in drones
Dropping racist bombs
You’ve got no clue
No safe Spacey
Take your shit and get out
Fucking prick due no respect
Track Name: Mumbloid
Excuse me?
Great minds will attempt to think
They never make the same mistake just once
Clamouring, stuttering, mumbling
Brain freeze
Did you say 'mamatee'?
Repeating myself's getting old
Never doing what I’m told
Repeating myself's getting old
Shot in the gut with a double barrel snub gun
You're so full of shit
You're denser than a black hole
Track Name: Doppelkinda
See different colours
Vision gone
Think you're dying
Won't believe
You know you're lying
Limitations left you crying
Come this far without changing
You're entrenched, the past is fading
Didn't try, failed straight off the bat
Hit the ground crawling, zero effort
Dragging feet, acting up
Your knuckles are scraping on the floor
Now the air is growing thin
I can’t breathe, I’m fucking choking
Tell me that I'm wrong and say I cannot change
Yet you make the same mistakes
I don't give a fuck if you don't
Call yourself a friend
You're never helping me
Your one sided victory
You’re a poor imitation
That wasn’t cool in the first place
Abandoned because of rumours
Fake people are like tumours
Give this man an Oscar
Top of the tall tale roster
Less Rich Tea, more Digi Steve
Got no time to hear your lies
Track Name: Heart Leaker
Mugged off
Crap sack
Explain to me why
Bad excuse bite back
You left me to hang
My chambers shudder
Wondering why
Small dogs go yap yap
My cavities hurt
My valves, they rupture
My greatest regret
Being a mugged off crap sack
Nose in the air
These vessels quiver
Definitive mess
Big man like yum-yum
Sweet toffee heartache
Ventricle torment
She looks like a librarian
She’s not in the mood for romance
I asked what she thought of Dawkins
She said she prefers a good Dickens
There’s nothing left to say
Any response
Demands condemnation
Hell to pay
Shit preacher
Insistent piss taker
I won’t say that again
Track Name: Flies
Get those critters away from me
Scrounging and pestering all day long
Far too close to my personal space
I don't want them in my face
Flapping about
Causing a scene
Endless noise
Find me a mallet
Constantly buzzing with nothing to say
Dull and diseased
Please get away
Like swatting a fly with a sledgehammer
The suffering is excessive
M9, you are fucking splat!
Track Name: Rest in Schromph
Lived how you Schromphed
Schromphed how you lived
Died as you Schromphed
Schromphed into death.
Rest in Schromph

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